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Ice cream and muffin cups, White dots on red, ø 5,6 cm floor x 5,6 cm heights

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  • Bakeproof: up to 200 °C
  • Colour: Red
  • Event: Buffet Kids birthday Party Spring/Summer Theme party
  • Food safe: yes
  • Form: round
  • Greaseproof: yes
  • Material: Sturdy oven carton
  • Motive: Dots
  • Pack contents: 12 pieces
  • Size: ø 5,6 x H: 5,6 cm

Product information

Ice cream and muffin cups, ø 5,6 cm floor x 5,6 cm heights

Ideal for smaller appetites: our baking case for mini cakes. These little cases, made of stable baking cardboard, are 5,6cm x 5,6 cm but are genuine all-rounders: they’re not just heat-resistant, but can also withstand freezing. Any remaining cake can also be readily stored in the freezer compartment. 

Available in various designs, either ready-made or self-assembly.

  • White dots on red
  • Ready-made
  • Made out of strong baking cardboard
  • Food safe
  • Greaseproof
  • No greasing
  • Heat resistant up to 200°C
  • Content 12 pieces


It is our claim to offer our customers a product that fits 100% into their lives and with its sustainability, quality and design language, makes baking an experience. This is not only due to our meticulous selection of raw materials, from FSC® certified wood or cellular substitutes, water-based colors and much more, but also because we work every day in our factory in Berlin to become even better and more sustainable. 

Raw materials

In addition to sourcing raw materials as sustainably as possible from FSC®-certified forestry in Germany or Europe, we focus above all on long-term partnerships with our suppliers, some of whom we are working with in the 2nd or 3rd generation. All colors used are exclusively water-based food colors. Our cardboard boxes are made of 80-100% recycled material and we refrain from printing - if possible - so that they can be even better returned to the recycling system.


As one of the few manufacturers, we produce our products exclusively in Germany, to a large extent in our main factory in the heart of Berlin. This allows us to guarantee quality and environmental protection. For example, we have recently invested in new machines that save up to 25% energy and 20% raw materials. In addition, we invest in photovoltaic systems and obtain our electricity from renewable sources


Short supplier routes and transport bundling are part of the most efficient logistics possible in order to save unnecessary journeys. This also includes delivery from a central warehouse so that orders from major customers do not have to be sent in different shipments. To this end, we use the latest trucks (some with alternative drive systems) to reduce emissions.


We work to ensure that our products and packaging contain as little plastic as possible. We source our film from Germany, which is approved for recycling and included in the central green point system. As we at Demmler work every day to become even better, we are currently testing alternative materials in order to completely ban plastic from our processes in the near future. All our products can be completely disposed of through the usual recycling channels. In addition, our cake tips and baking papers are certified as industrially compostable. 

At Demmler, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but has been our approach for years out of conviction. We see ourselves as part of our environment and therefore want to take this into account with our sustainable products. We therefore keep an eye on the entire production and supply chain and constantly try to improve. 

We work on using new materials that have no negative impact on our environment and future generations and have all raw materials certified and tested by independent laboratories for their composition. It goes without saying that all Demmler products, the raw materials used and the manufacturing conditions are inspected by independent institutes several times a year. Read more about Demmler and our approach here.

Baking box to go white dots on red
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