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XXL-baking moulds Classico White/Blue
XXL-baking moulds with edge reinforcement • 20 x 7 x 5,5 cm Stylishly crafted baking moulds with edge reinforcement. For an attractive presentation of home-baked treats. With its beautiful design, it is the perfect souvenir at any party. The baking mould retains its shape after baking and the cake is easy to remove. Also suitable for freezing in the mould. We make the baking moulds ourselves in Berlin and they are made of FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry. 200 x 70 x 55 mm Classico White/Blue made of sturdy baking cardboard food-safe bakeproof up to 200 °C freeze-proof up to -40°C greaseproof no greasing no caking avoid direct contact with heating elements capacity 700 ml already set up content 3 pieces/pack FSC®-certified paper

Content: 3 Stck./

Baking cup Classico White/Blue
Baking cups • 5 x 2,5 cm  Ideal for cheerful parties: our colourful patterned motif muffin cups. They not only look great, but are also greaseproof - so there's no need to worry about grease stains. Available in many different colours and designs, for example with seasonal and other beautiful motifs. The baking cups are made of FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry and are manufactured by us in Berlin. Ø 50 x height 25 mm Classico White on Blue imitation parchment paper food safe bake-proof up to 220 °C greaseproof no greasing no sticking avoid direct contact with heating elements content 60 pieces/pack FSC® certified paper

Content: 60 Stck./

Doilies Rose white, Ø 36 cm
Doilies Rose white, Ø 36 cm The classic version of a doily - plain white, with delicate rose-shaped decorations. It’s still the most popular doily by some distance even now. Available in various sizes, colours, and designs, also round, square, or oval. Available in various packing units. Ø 36 cm White Round Food safe Content 6 pieces

Content: 100 Stck./

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Baking box to go Nature, 16 x 8 x 5cm
Baking box to go nature, 16 x 8 x 5cmWithout exaggerating: Our latest product is unique worldwide, so we’ve patented it: the baking box to go. The product idea is simple but effective: The stable disposable baking case for cake has an integrated lid - perfect for safely transporting cake without using aluminium foil or other aids. Simply press the two tabs together on the lid after baking - voilà! The strong baking cardboard ensures that the cake can be moved without being bumped, making it easy to transport it in a rucksack or a bag. An excellent little gift. Available in two variants: either ready-made or self-assembly. Nature Ready-made Made out of strong baking cardboard Food safe Greaseproof No greasing Heat resistant up to 200°C Content 4 pieces

Content: 4 Stck./


Demmler - manufacturer for baking tins, cake tops and much more

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Made in Berlin – since 1867.

Whether traditional cake tips or modern cupcake moulds, praline capsules, colourful tulip wraps or decoration articles: The name Demmler stands for high-quality, innovative and wide-ranging paper products for bakery, patisserie and catering needs.

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At Demmler, environmental protection is not a question of image, but of conviction. We produce our products sustainably and in harmony with our environment.

Unique product variety
From the filigree embossed cake tip to the colourfully designed baking tin: We offer you an almost limitless selection of colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

To guarantee the highest product quality, we still produce in our factory in Berlin. Our products are tested by independent laboratories.

At Demmler we are constantly developing new products and designs for our baking tins and muffin tins.

Fresh and modern decorating with Demmler

Original and unique

The versatility of our cake lace

It is a classic among the decoration elements: The cake lace.  

With its simple filigree decoration, it can be used for cakes and baking creations. But a table setting can also be bathed in a special light with our lace. Thanks to different colours and shapes, table decorations can be interpreted in a noble, delicate or modern way.  

We dust off the doily and put it in a modern light. 

For a long time, you had to look for the doily in cafés and restaurants, once an integral part of many establishments, now the doily is coming back on the "saucer", under the tea glass and even under vases and decorative elements in our home. The round paper wonder in delicate grain or fine lace not only sets colourful accents in the living and dining area, it also creates that certain elegance and tranquillity in an area we have reserved for our downtime: Namely, the cosy home, restaurant or favourite café.  

In addition to cake toppers and cup doilies, you will also find a diverse selection of candle and flower cuffs in our decoration section to give your event, home or creativity free rein.   



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