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Baking with Demmler makes you happy

Baking with family and friends is simply priceless! It's more than just mixing flour and sugar; it's a feeling of community and joy. The laughter, the dough snacking, and of course the sweet smell that fills the whole house. Baking together not only creates delicious treats, but also precious memories. The joy in the children's eyes when they cut out biscuits, or decorating cakes together - these are moments that warm the heart. And the best part is that we all come together at the end to enjoy our baking creations.

Baking connects and creates lasting memories - a real treat for the soul! 🍪🍰😊

Our bestsellers. The favourites of our customers.

Baking box to go Classico, set up
Baking box to go • 16 x 8 x 12 cmWithout exaggerating: Our latest product is unique worldwide, so we’ve patented it: the baking box to go. The product idea is simple but effective: The stable disposable baking case for cake has an integrated lid - perfect for safely transporting cake without using aluminium foil or other aids. Simply press the two tabs together on the lid after baking - voilà! The strong baking cardboard ensures that the cake can be moved without being bumped, making it easy to transport it in a rucksack or a bag. An excellent little gift. Classico brown/gold Ready-made Made out of strong baking cardboard food safe greaseproof no greasing 750 ml capacity heat resistant up to 200 °C content 100 pieces

Content: 100 Stück

Variants from €3.64*
Muffin Tulip Wraps Strawberry Pink
Muffin Tulip Wraps • Ø 5 x 5 – 9 cm Make your treat look appetising Muffin tulip wraps, another nice way to present baked goods in a trendy design. The high rim allows a lot of batter to be poured in, so that even the "big sweet tooth" will be satisfied. Of course, savoury dishes can also be baked and served here ... Everyone likes it :) and lots of it. The tulip buns are made of greaseproof parchment paper in food quality. They are bake-proof up to 220 °C. The Muffin Tulip Wraps must be used together with a baking tray to avoid deformation. We make the paper baking wraps ourselves in Berlin and they are made of FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry. Ø 50 x height 50 – 90 mm Strawberry food safe bake-proof up to 220 °C greaseproof no greasing avoid direct contact with heating elements Content 200 pieces/pack Packaging unit 5 x 200 pieces FSC®-certified paper

Content: 200 Stück

Tortenspitze Rose mango, ø 36 cm
Tortenspitze Rose mango, ø 36 cm Klassik trifft Moderne: Tortenspitzen müssen keineswegs klassisch weiß sein, um Torten schön zur Geltung zu bringen. Die farbenfrohen Tortenspitzen mit filigranem Rosendekor wirken frisch, modern und zugleich edel. Aber nicht nur Torten auch weitere Deko-Ideen lassen sich mit diesem farbenfrohen Tupfer umsetzen. So werden Ihre Backideen und Projekte stilecht in Szene gesetzt. In verschiedenen Packungseinheiten bestellbar.

Content: 30 Stück

Variants from €1.49*
Mini baking, snack & ice cream box Strawberry Pink
Mini baking, snack & ice cream box • 5 x 5 x 6 cm Our baking tin with the practical double function: it can not only be used for baking small cakes, but also as a snack box for popcorn, crisps, fruit or ice cream. With its beautiful design, it is the perfect souvenir at every party. Also suitable for freezing in the mould. The baking moulds and the packaging are made of FSC®-certified paper from sustainable forestry and are manufactured by us in Berlin. 50 x 50 x 60 mm Strawberry made of sturdy baking cardboard food safe bake-proof up to 200 °C greaseproof no greasing no sticking avoid direct contact with heating elements Capacity 200 ml already set up content 12 pieces/pack FSC® certified paper

Content: 12 Stück


Fruit for the senses

Strawberry season is one of the best times of the year for all baking and pleasure lovers. When the red fruits come back on the market, there is hardly anything better than turning them into delicious cakes, tarts or cupcakes.

Strawberries are perfect for baking, as they are not only sweet and delicious, but also captivate with their beautiful red colour and are easy to work with. Whether it's classic recipes or creative new ways, strawberries make it fun to create unique and delicious desserts.

Do you already know our paper baking moulds in strawberry motif? 

The cheerful red strawberries paired with the green leaves give the bakeware a charming and fresh look that is pleasing to the eye.

Whether you're baking strawberry muffins, strawberry cupcakes or a strawberry cake, these paper baking dishes in a distinctive design will make baking a colourful and fun experience. They add a special touch to your creations and make them look even more tempting.

In addition to their attractive appearance, the paper baking tins also offer the usual advantages of paper baking tins. They are easy to handle, heat-resistant and environmentally friendly. After you've enjoyed your delicious strawberry creations, you can simply dispose of the paper bakeware without worrying about the environmental footprint.

Baking becomes a feast for the senses with strawberry-designed paper baking cups. They not only please the palate, but also the eyes and make your baked goods an eye-catcher on every cake table. So let your creativity run wild and treat yourself and your loved ones to cheerful strawberry desserts in these delightful paper baking dishes.

Demmler - manufacturer of baking tins, cake tips and decorations

With passion for professional users and end consumers

Made in Berlin - since 1867.
Whether traditional cake tips or modern cupcake moulds, praline capsules, colourful tulip wraps or decorative items: The name Demmler stands for high-quality, innovative and wide-ranging paper products for bakery, patisserie and catering needs.

At Demmler, environmental protection is not a question of image, but of conviction. We produce our products sustainably and in harmony with our environment.

Unique product variety
From the filigree embossed cake tip to the colourfully designed baking tin: We offer you an almost limitless selection of colours, shapes, sizes and designs.

To guarantee the highest product quality, we still produce in our factory in Berlin. Our products are tested by independent laboratories.

At Demmler we are constantly developing new products and designs for our baking tins and muffin tins.


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Demmler, tradition and innovation since 1867 - Made for you in Berlin.

We love baking and decorating. For those who bake with passion and love, high-quality baking tins, muffin tins, tartelettes, cake tips, baking and special papers are important to realise and present their own ideas for every occasion. Great, modern and classic designs, colours and motifs, combined with innovative products and materials allow you to implement the latest baking trends and are the highlight in every kitchen. 

Our diverse paper baking moulds and ramekins simply meet every taste. Many of our baking tins are made of FSC® certified paper and come from sustainably managed forests in Germany or the European Union. Our bakeware is produced in Berlin under strict food safety controls and regularly tested for food safety. 

We are constantly working on using new materials that have no negative impact on our environment and future generations. All our products are manufactured under the strictest conditions with the best raw materials. We guarantee this by using only certified materials. In addition, we have our end products tested and certified by independent laboratories. This sets the highest standards in our industry. We are FSC®, ISO 9001: 2015, IFS, HPC certified., as a manufacturer of paper baking and muffin tins, cake tops, washers and decorations, offers the entire range of shapes and colours for professional baking and the home oven. Discover the wide range of shapes and moulds and get creative with your baking. 

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