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Quality Control: ISO 9001: 2015
In order to be able to guarantee you consistently high product quality, we have implemented an ISO 9001: 2015 certified quality management system in the company. The certificate, which is regularly reviewed by TÜV, ensures that we continually and fully meet all production standards, especially with regard to clean and high-quality production processes and safety structures in the company. 
In addition, quality management optimises the various workflows, which significantly increases productivity. This ensures that we not only deliver the best product quality but are also a fast and reliable supplier. 
Control of food-safe papers 
One of our prime concerns is to ensure that all of our food products are non-detrimental to human health. Our papers are therefore regularly subjected to all prescribed controls and tested according to DIN EN 646 (07/06) and DIN EN 648 (12/06) for their adherence to food safety standards.

FSC certification®
Environmental protection at Demmler is not a question of image, but of conviction. We produce our products sustainably and in harmony with our environment - at every single step along the production chain: from the use of raw materials to the sorted waste paper disposal in order to support sustainable forestry.