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Our products in harmony with nature and the environment

Dirk Bacher, Managing Director Demmler GmbH on the subject of sustainability

"Demmler GmbH has been one of the leading companies in the packaging industry for the bakery and food sector in Europe for years in terms of product quality, environmental protection and sustainability. We as a team at Demmler are working hard to follow this path even more consistently, extensively and creatively. Therefore, as a company manufacturing in Germany, we scrutinise every single production step in the manufacture of our products in order to enter into a transparent exchange with our customers".

You too can contribute to the protection of our environment by choosing our environmentally friendly products. They are marked with these symbols ...

Renewable raw materials - FSC®

In addition to sourcing raw materials as sustainably as possible from FSC®-certified forestry in Germany or Europe, we focus above all on long-term partnerships with our suppliers, some of whom we are working with in the 2nd or 3rd generation. All colours used are exclusively water-based food colours. Our cardboard boxes are made from 80-100% recycled material and we refrain from printing - where possible - so that they can be even better returned to the recycling system.

Logistics & Dispatch

Short supplier routes in combination with a centralized logistic hub are fundamental for our logistics. As we aim to be as environmental friendly in every aspect of our processes, we use the latest trucks (some with alternative drives) to reduce emissions.

Sustainable production

We produce our products exclusively in Germany, to a large extent in our main factory in the heart of Berlin. This allows us to guarantee quality and environmental protection, to the highest extent. For example, we recently invested in new machines that save up to 25% energy and 20% raw materials. In addition, we invest in photovoltaic systems and obtain electricity from renewable sources.


We work to ensure that our products and packaging contain as little plastic as possible. We source our film from Germany, which is approved for recycling and included in the central green point system. As we at Demmler work every day to become even better, we are currently testing alternative materials in order to completely ban plastic from our processes in the near future. All our products can be completely disposed of through the usual recycling channels. In addition, our cake tips and baking papers are certified as industrially compostable.

Demmler paper baking tins have many advantages

 Food safe 

The health safety of all food-relevant products is particularly important to us. Our papers are therefore regularly subjected to all the prescribed controls and tested for food safety in accordance with DIN EN 646 (07.06.) and DIN EN 648 (12.06.).

 FSC®-certified raw materials 

We only use paper for our bakeware from forests in Germany or Europe that are managed according to strict ecological and social principles, which is why our bakeware is also FSC® certified and an important part of our sustainability strategy.


We do not use gelatine to anchor our inks to the paper, nor do we use casein in the binders we use. Therefore, our baking moulds are 100% vegan and can also be used for delicious vegan/vegetarian baking idea

 Ecologically produced and shipped 

We are working on climate-neutral production, which is why we attach great importance to short logistics routes, modernise our production machinery at our main plant in Berlin, invest in photovoltaic systems and produce with renewable energies.

 Ecologically printed 

We use environmentally friendly inks based on vegetable oils and resins that are renewable, easily degradable and water-soluble. In addition, we rely on a non-stick coating through a special environmentally friendly coating instead of conventional wax.

 Made in Germany 

To ensure our delivery speed and product quality, we produce our products exclusively in Germany. Our customers should never doubt that Demmler products are manufactured in a responsible manner.

Respect for the environment

Sustainable products and resource-saving production and logistics are part of our philosophy. Therefore, in recent years we have, among other things, made our processes more efficient and invested in modern machines for production. In doing so, we look at every single production step, from the use of raw materials with FSC®-certified paper from German and European forests, to production with renewable energies and, last but not least, less waste through sorted waste paper.

Responsible selection of raw materials

We are constantly working to use new materials that have no negative impact on our environment and future generations. All our products are manufactured under the strictest conditions with the best raw materials. We guarantee this by using only certified materials. In addition, we have our end products tested and certified by independent laboratories. This sets the highest standards in our industry. We are FSC®, ISO 9001: 2015, IFS, HPC certified.

At Demmler, environmental protection is not a question of image, but of conviction. We produce our products sustainably and in harmony with our environment - in every single production step: from the use of raw materials to the sorted disposal of waste paper to support sustainable forestry. The FSC seal is used worldwide.

The IFS HPC is the standard for guaranteeing product safety and ensuring transparency with regard to the entire production chain. Thus, we underline the safety and quality of our products manufactured in Germany.

The quality management standard ISO 9001 is the most widely used standard in quality management. ISO 9001 defines the minimum requirements for your QMS that must be implemented in order to meet customer requirements and other requirements for your product or service quality. Quality and customer satisfaction, efficiency and responsiveness are among the key factors of this certification.