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1000 Stück

Meisterstück chocolate capsule white, 2.6 x 1.6 cm

Art. 2612171092FSC


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1000 Stück


  • Bakeproof: up to 220 °C
  • Colour: White
  • Compostability: haushalts- und gartenüblicher Kompost
  • Food safe: yes
  • Form: round
  • Greaseproof: yes
  • Material: FSC® certified paper
  • Pack contents: 1000 pieces
  • Size: 2,6 x 1,6 cm
  • Specification: professionelle Qualität
  • Sustainable: made in Germany

Product information

Meisterstück chocolate capsule white, 2.6 x 1.6 cm

Welcome to the world of baking with our brand new product line: "Meisterstück" paper muffin moulds!

Immerse yourself in a baking experience in a class of its own with our muffin moulds, which not only deliver outstanding results, but also score points with a range of unbeatable benefits. Here are the highlights of our "Meisterstück" series:

  • Professional quality: these muffin moulds have been manufactured with the utmost precision and care to give you a professional baking experience.
  • Non-stick coating on both sides: No more annoying sticking! Your muffins and cupcakes can be removed with ease and cleaning afterwards is a breeze.
  • Compostable at home: environmental awareness is a top priority! The "Meisterstück" line is compostable at home, which means that you can simply dispose of the muffin moulds after use without a guilty conscience.
  • FSC®-certified paper: The paper base comes from responsible forestry, because sustainability is important to us.
  • PFAS-free: These muffin moulds are free from per- and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFAS), which are often found in conventional non-stick coatings.
  • Food-safe: Your health is important to us. The muffin moulds are therefore food-safe and will not affect the taste of your baked creations in any way.
  • Bakeproof up to 220°C: Whether you're making muffins or savoury treats - these muffin tins can withstand temperatures up to 220°C.
  • Vegan: For all the vegans out there - these muffin moulds are 100% plant-based and cruelty-free.
  • Made in Germany: Quality "Made in Germany" - you can rely on the precision and reliability of these muffin moulds.
  • Freezer-proof down to -40°C: Perfect for your icy creations! The muffin moulds can go in the freezer without any problems.
  • Microwave-safe up to 150°C: Who would have thought that muffin moulds could be microwave-safe? Here you can heat up your treats quickly and easily.
  • Greaseproof: No more grease stains! The muffin moulds are greaseproof and keep your baked goods clean.
  • Produced with green electricity: Sustainability goes hand in hand with renewable energy - which is exactly why these muffin moulds are made with environmentally friendly green electricity.

Discover the joy of baking with the "Meisterstück" series - where quality meets sustainability. Give your muffins and cupcakes the perfect setting and become a master confectioner in your own kitchen! 🎂✨


Our aim is to offer our customers a product that fits 100% into their lives and makes baking an experience with its sustainability, quality and design language. This not only includes our meticulous selection of raw materials, made from FSC®-certified wood or cellular substitutes, water-based colours and much more, but also the fact that we work every day at our factory in Berlin to become even better and even more sustainable.

Raw materials

In addition to sourcing raw materials from FSC®-certified forestry in Germany or Europe that are as sustainable as possible, we rely above all on long-term partnerships with our suppliers, some of whom we have been working with for two or three generations. All colours used are exclusively water-based food colours. Our cardboard packaging is made from 80-100% recycled material and, where possible, we do not print on it so that it can be fed back into the recycling system even better.


We are one of the few manufacturers to produce our products exclusively in Germany, for the most part at our main factory in the heart of Berlin. This enables us to guarantee quality and environmental protection. For example, we recently invested in new machines that save up to 25% energy and 20% raw materials. We also invest in photovoltaic systems and obtain our electricity from renewable sources.


Short supplier routes and transport bundling are part of the most efficient logistics possible in order to save unnecessary journeys. This also includes delivery from a central warehouse so that orders from bulk buyers do not have to be sent in different consignments. We also use the latest lorries (some with alternative drive systems) to reduce emissions.


We are working to ensure that our products and packaging contain as little plastic as possible. We source our film from Germany, which is approved for recycling and registered in the central green dot system. As we at Demmler are working every day to become even better, we are currently trialling alternative materials in order to ban plastic completely from our processes in the near future. All of our products can be completely disposed of via the usual recycling channels. In addition, our cake toppers and baking paper are certified as industrially compostable.

At Demmler, sustainability is not just a buzzword, but has been our approach for years out of conviction. We see ourselves as part of our environment and therefore want to take this into account with our sustainable products. We therefore keep an eye on the entire production and supply chain and are constantly endeavouring to improve.

We work to use new materials that have no negative impact on our environment and future generations and have all raw materials certified and tested for their composition by independent laboratories. It goes without saying that all Demmler products, the raw materials used and the manufacturing conditions are therefore checked several times a year by independent institutes. More about Demmler and our approach hier nachlesen.